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Welcome to Creek Point Investments LLC

As a real estate investment company focused on the Dallas Forth Worth and Tarrant County regions, we believe in investing in our community for focus driven results that not only benefit us but benefit residents in the area as well. We plan to expand our focus to the other Dallas Fort Worth markets beginning with Denton, Ellis County, Dallas, and Collin.

Who We Are

Our company is multi-faceted and always striving for growth. We are comprised of a team of highly trained real estate market professionals that study local trends on a daily basis. Research helps us do our jobs efficiently and successfully.

Creek Point purchases distressed properties with a focus on single-family residential units and duplexes. A distressed property is one that is no longer being maintained by the owner for a multitude of reasons. We find that many homeowners or rental property owners are experiencing distress themselves ranging from loss of a job to illness and overwhelming medical expenses in some cases. We understand property owners run into extenuating circumstances and are no longer able to afford the maintenance or payments on their homes or rental properties and are facing the possibility of foreclosure. We buy distressed properties that can be positioned well in all market conditions. Before we buy any property, we perform thorough research on all aspects of the property. These aspects include; buying price, expected rehab expenses, rental capacity, and lastly possible resale price. If the property passes our criteria, we purchase the property and start all kinds of needed renovations. The main goal of offering a positive ROI is achieved by buying properties that offer a strong possibility for the increased property evaluation and possession and have the possibility for growth in rental rates. As a company focused on buying, rehabbing and renting/selling properties; we make profits by selling the properties for more than the invested cost and renting them for more than the carrying costs.

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1234 Divi St., San Francisco, CA
+1 (111) 222-4455